Skip My Turn

Don’t take life to serioulsy

So I had finally made the decision to go to yoga school, as I like to call it. I found a 200hr program that fit into my current life activities and signed up. I had done yoga for over 15 yrs now and had taken more then several continuing education classes on the subject for my ISSA trainer certification. I wanted that official 200hr certificate. Some people collect shot glasses or spoons, I collect certificates.  So under the instruction of the great Elinore Cohen and her Pure Flow Yoga technique I began my journey.

I was certainly not expecting to make such long lasting friends, since I didn’t really think I “fit in” in the yoga world. I learned you don’t have to be like everyone else to be accepted or fit in. Yes, I was defiantly different then the average yoga school attendee but that never seemed to matter or even dawn on anyone else. So my adventure began.

Every Sunday we would discuss a topic and then have to work on it for the week and write a little something. I thought being a non-flexy in yoga school would be difficult but these assignments definitely won that award.  It proved the hardest for me because my entire life I have always had an above average self confidence. Maybe it had to do with my good looks or above average athletic ability. Maybe because I never had to work that hard for good grades, or maybe it was because me parents did everything they could to ensure a high level of self worth in all their children. Either way I would sit in this circle and listen to these women who I thought were so beautiful, smart, talented and motivated and listen to them say things that I would never believe they thought about. Example:

One week Elinore explained that this weeks topic would be to take a negative thought about ourselves and turn it into a positive.  I thought for a moment and couldn’t think of anything I said negative about myself. However, these women would confess to this negative self talk that they punished themselves with everyday. I couldn’t believe my ears. (all the more reason us women need to start lifting each other up and not viewing each other as competition!)  I was in the middle of the circle and hoped the other people would give me some ideas. It didn’t. We got to me and I asked if I could skip my turn.

“Its alright Kelly, we are all sharing”

My reply, “Yeah, I got nothing.”

“You don’t have one negative thought everyday about yourself?”

“Yeah I got nothing. Maybe just come back to me.”

So the class skipped my turn and the rest went on about their negative self talk and how they are going to reword and change the behavior. I just kept wondering how this amazing group of people could ever see the things they were seeing.

Then back to me, “Kelly are you ready?”

My reply, ” I’m gonna be honest. I think I’m pretty great.” The class laughed because at this point they expected nothing less from me and I think it is one of the things they liked about me. “Do I get to skip this weeks assignment?”

Then… of the girls, who was also a middle school teacher chimed in. “Kelly maybe this week you can work on finding the one good characteristic in every person.” Damn You Sarah!! My yoga mentor agreed and I had my assignment.

One of the things I loved most about yoga school was being taken out of my comfort zone in order to view things in a different perspective. That assignment was just one example. Sure the asanas or postures have made my body better able to function on so many levels but I never realized the impact it would have on my mind.

But I’m OK with trying new things and saying yes to new opportunities, its part of what makes me awesome!!

Point of this blog post…get to yoga class and find your inner awesome!! Everyone’s got it, trust me I had to spend a whole week searching for it in people….in Vegas!!

(J/K I love my Vegas Peeps)

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