True story.

Why is it that most of us do not put enough validity into how stress affects the body? It seems to me a mind/body connection is the most normal and realistic option. Most eastern cultures grow up learning that the mind and body are intertwined, that the state of one directly affects the condition of the other.

I love us, but we here in the good ol’ USA are definitely lacking in this area of awareness. We can’t seem to make and keep this obvious connection. We’re tired, overworked, overweight and STRESSED OUT.  But for some reason, we’re unable to break certain habits. We just keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. This is the definition of insanity.

I look back now and I think about the things my father used to say.  As kids we would laugh at him, but now as an adult I realize his logic was completely accurate.

Example: the dinner table

Growing up my family would always sit around the table and eat dinner together.  Mom, dad and us four (rowdy) kids. And there were plenty of nights that we would argue and get on each others nerves.  My parents would get mad at us, of course, and my father would say (are you ready for this?) “You are turning my food to poison!” as he dropped his fork and sighed heavily with exasperation.  Of course we’d just giggle, which in turn would just frustrate him even more.

As an adult I have read copious amounts of material on psychosomatic conditions.  And guess what?!?! The research suggests that its not all in your head!  Studies show that when you eat while mad or aggravated these emotions will effect how the food is digested and assimilated in the body.  Our childhood dinnertime bickering was literally turning my dad’s food to poison. Literally! And to think we laughed at him! Shameful.

Stress can manifest itself negatively in the body in many ways. Stress is so powerful that it can make a woman skip her period, which makes her even more stressed out. Vicious cycle.

This is where I will typically preach the power of yoga, mediation, recreation, quiet time,  massage, workouts, etc, etc, etc, yada yada yada.  There are so many activities that can be used as an outlet for your stress. Just pick something and move in a forward motion.

Do not find the time, MAKE THE TIME.

The health benefits to your life are well worth the effort put forth.

Exercise, massage, meditate, supplement….YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

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