The scoop: energy meridians and poop.

One afternoon (a loooooong, long time ago) I took a trip to my sisters house for a visit. Upon arrival, she explained to me that her index finger had been really stiff and achy for the last few days.

Now at the time, I was in my first semester of massage therapy school (we’re going waaaaaay, way back here people), and I was enrolled in both Anatomy and Physiology I along with Oriental Anatomy and Physiology I – two completely different schools of thought and research.

Being the enthusiastic student I was, I was excited to explain to her that the index finger relates to the colon channel. She let me manipulate the energy meridian and palpate specific points on her finger. She immediately felt a difference and I was proud of my work!

But the next morning I received a phone call…

My Sister:  Whatever you did to my finger yesterday, I need you to come over and reverse it because I haven’t been able to leave the bathroom all night!

Me:  I can’t. I haven’t gotten that far in school yet.

My Sister:  Well be sure to ask your teacher for some advanced training when you see her today!

Being raised in America we generally don’t have much exposure to energy meridians and preventative medicine. Our “wellness” regimen looks something like this: get sick, go to the doctor, get drugs, rinse and repeat.

I had been studying and reading all about these “supposed” energy meridians (there are literally hundreds of years documentation), but it wasn’t until this moment that I fully understood and believed in the power of our energy systems.

I told my teacher what happened and she explained that I had released a blockage in the energy meridian and that the symptoms should pass naturally (no pun intended).

Although we are now grown adults (well, by societies definition), my siblings and I still do battle – I don’t care how old I get, standing on the couch and yelling “FROM THE TOP ROPE!” only to launch my elbow into my unsuspecting sibling, yeah, that never gets old –  there is always a family member that will shout “don’t mess with Kelly! She will hit points that make you poop your pants!”  You just never know when a moment will happen in your life that will define you forever. 😉

If you are having trouble pooping or if simply talking about poop makes you uncomfortable, read this.

***DISCLAIMER: My sister never actually pooped her pants.***


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