Gift Certificates Available…

Let’s be honest, you have completely WORKED OVER your mother’s LAST NERVE over the course of your lifetime. What better way to say “I’m sorry” than a Gift Certificate for a massage!?!

Massage has an amazing way of helping the nervous system improve the way it functions. There are numerous pathways throughout the entire body that the nervous system must feed into in order for the bodily systems to function at an optimal level.

When these pathways get infringed upon, dysfunction may occur. Whether it is due to a traumatic event, inherited disorder or a byproduct of overuse, certain massage techniques can help an individual cope with the stresses of dysfunction (your mom knows all about this and if you’re a mom, so do you!).
Certain conditions may cause Hypersensitivity in the nerves of the body. In this situation a therapist would avoid the direct area and work just above and just below the affected area. The body will also have imbalances due to compensation movements in order to protect the sensitive area. A complete body massage will help relax the mind/body complex and help elevate and soreness from these compensatory actions.
Other conditions to deal with are desensitized nerve endings. A light pressure massage to the affected area coupled with the increase in blood flow to the surrounding tissue will aid in rejuvenating the system.
There are times that the nerves are being pressed upon by tight musculature. An example of this would be piriformis syndrome. This is when the piriformis muscle located in the hip, becomes a tight, rigid, inflexible muscle. This tension causes the muscle to press on the sciatic nerve creating pain to course down the leg.

Unlike true sciatic, which will always go to the big toe, piriformis syndrome causes the same pain, but the pathway will only be locally in hip or travel partially down leg. In this instance massage and stretching for the hip musculature will help relieve the nerve impingement. These impingement’s can happen anywhere throughout the body and can be brought on by trauma, imbalances, overuse, or aging.
The nervous system is responsible for so many important functions from muscle movement to brain functions. Keeping the whole system healthy and functioning properly is important for everyday wellness.

So say “THANKS MOM for putting up with all my shit” by purchasing a gift certificate for Mother’s Day! I promise she’ll love your present waaaaaay more than some homemade crap the grand kids made.

And ladies, when your partner asks you what you want for mothers day, tell him “A MASSAGE BY KELLY MEYERS!”

If you live in the Tampa Bay area CONTACT ME NOW!

Home visits available in some areas!

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