Here’s a bunch of awesome stuff that a bunch of awesome people have said about me.

“In 2001, I was hit by a truck while riding my motorcycle. All the bones have long since healed but I have a bulging disc in my spine. It causes me severe pain and muscle spasms. All the orthopedic surgeons I saw said they couldn’t do anything for me. To control the pain and spasms, I was given narcotic pain relievers and prescription muscle relaxers. Then I met Kelly. When I receive a massage by her, the spasms and pain are greatly lessened. Most times after she works on me, I do not need the pain killers and muscle relaxers for days sometimes as much as a week. I recently began taking yoga lessons from her. I, being a guy, was embarrassed because I thought yoga was just for women. Kelly was very patient and encouraged me every step of the way. Her one on one teaching has me feeling better and more limber than I have ever been and helps my back very much. Other massage therapists I have been to made me feel relaxed for a short time but Kelly actually provides me with long term relief. I cannot recommend Kelly’s skill and knowledge strong enough. Many times I do not even need to tell her what is hurting or bothering me. She can assess my pain and discomfort just by her touch. If you have chronic pain or discomfort, Kelly is the professional therapist for YOU!” -E. Z.

“Kelly is very patient and encouraged me every step of the way.” 

“Kelly!! What can I say except OMG! I have never experienced a massage quite like Kelly’s! I am a personal trainer and fitness fanatic always wanting to push my self to the next level. With that comes some aches and pains that I just can’t work out myself. I was so lucky to see a post on Facebook from a friend recommending Kelly’s services. I left Kelly’s feeling refreshed and felt amazing for such a long time. I smiled eat to ear for days on end telling everyone I know about how awesome Kelly is!! I can’t wait to see her again!!!!!!”

“I would definitely recommend Kelly for a massage for yourself or as a gift for your friend. Not only is she a fantastic massage therapist, she is also an athlete, so she is able to give you additional advice on how to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success before and after your work outs. My favorite part about being massaged by Kelly is being stretched :). I would definitely call her if you want an amazing massage.”

“I would spend any amount of money to have Kelly work on me!”

“Kelly is a lifesaver… True story!!! I work hard and workout hard so my body is always a wreck. I have invested a lot of money in massages over the years and was a member of Massage Envy for many years, what a waste! I would spend any amount of money to have Kelly work on me. I have never felt better until I met her. She took the time to ask questions about Injuries, issues etc so she could really help me. I had a foot injury last year and she was able to use trigger points in my legs to help relieve the pain. She is well worth it, and I can’t go to anyone else now! Thank you for spoiling me Kelly.” 🙂

“Yes….. Kelly IS as good as it gets. She’s committed to keeping up with new therapy techniques and is extremely professional. Kelly is driven and deeply focused on making you feel better and she’s motivated.  Love that girl!”

“She is an expert reflexologist!” 

“This woman is GIFTED! I suffer from an inflammatory condition that is chronic and regularly acute. I’ve rarely opted for massage before because it was so painful. Kelly changed all that! I have improved so so much under her capable hands. She has made my lymph move finally where lymph massages have done little. I call her Nadia Comăneci as she is like a perfect 10 gymnast hopping on the table. Labeling Kelly a massage therapist is like referring to Mick Jagger as a guy in a band. She is a rock star massage therapist! She is more an intuitive and creative healer. She knows my body better than I do. She goes right to where she is needed, whether you knew it or not. She is an expert REFLEXOLOGIST, uses HOT STONES like they are part of her body, and even uses her feet as if they are hands. Her CUPPING technique is so adept that you feel the blood rushing in and soothing the area. Words cannot capture a Kelly experience! My pain levels have dropped dramatically and my immune system is noticeably stronger with regular massages from Kelly. I no longer look at a massage as a good idea or a splurge, but rather a given, no-brainer to improve my health. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her and how she explains the changes that she observes in my body. I wonder if she has a photographic memory because she seems to really know and remember the nuances of her clients’ bodies. I’ve seen numerous clients exit her massage with what I’ve dubbed “the Kelly Face” in serene awe! Just WOW. Once, clients who were waiting and who had finished were congregating and brainstorming on how they could get Kelly to their house daily. It was hilarious! Like, but “I want to keep her Pa!” I cautioned them that it sounded like a kidnapping plan and that Kelly belongs to the world. This is just one example of how she transforms clients into zealous groupies 🙂 She is an EXPERIENCE that must be tried!”

“I didn’t even know I needed a massage until Kelly started working on me. I was SO tense from not stretching enough after workouts. She worked on me for just a short time and I felt a million times better! I highly recommend her skills and I’m going back to her for sure.”

“If you’ve been looking for a massage therapist, you found her!”

“If you’ve been looking for a massage therapist – you’ve found her! Kelly is incredible! She is an intuitive healer. She really listens to your body and offers a multitude of services to help you work through your pain. As a business owner, a mama to two little dudes and a runner, I’m in pain A LOT. Her massage therapy, hot stones and deep stretching combo are a god-send! I cannot recommend her enough! And she’ll come to your house too!” 😉

“She’ll keep your body running in  tip top shape!” 

“Kelly is fantastic. she can help you lose weight with her hiit/kickboxing/mma fitness lessons while getting you stronger with her crossfit/olympic lifting knowledge. her restorative yoga and massage therapy sessions are top notch as well; keeping your body running at tip top shape. I highly recommend Kelly if you’re looking for that personal trainer who is overqualified in various disciplines but at the same time genuinely cares about her clients.”

“Kelly is an intuitive healer who genuinely  cares about her clients.” 

“I first met Kelly in 2013 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. When we initially spoke over the phone I was extremely impressed with how much knowledge she knew about my particular autoimmune disease. I booked an immediate appointment with her- she was pleasant prompt and very very focused on helping me feel better. From that day forward I relied on Kelly to ease the knots in my shoulder and back region- which is where I carry my stress. Kelly is ALL business and isn’t afraid to provide you with the nerve, knots and muscle tension massages your body needs. I will ALWAYS call on Kelly to make me feel better when I need to- she truly is a class act and is extremely knowledgeable about the body, pressure points and illnesses. Kelly is THEE best I’ve had.”

“Kelly is awesome. I have had issues with Carpal Tunnel (both hands) and needing to wear wrist braces at night. I have had two great massages and I can already feel the difference. I look forward to many more. Thank you Kelly”

“Just the best! Kelly’s massages relieve so much of my hip pain.
I highly recommend her!” 


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