I was born the third of four children all having the same parents, yes I have been asked. I am blessed with above average looks, never had to struggle for good grades and I am naturally athletic. Thanks mom and dad!!
I grew up in a small town on eastern Long Island, yes that is in NY, yes I have been asked. With two older siblings that all the teachers adored, I didn’t really have to pave my own way. The teachers used to call other staff members in and make them “pick out the DiMarco.” (Meyers is my married name) Why, you ask? My two older siblings got my dads coloring. Dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. Me? Blonde hair, blue/green eyes and fair skin.

My siblings would tease me that I was adopted. When we got in trouble we would be sent to our rooms (back then there was no tv or video games in there) my sister would lean over and whisper in my ear “you don’t have to listen to them, they aren’t your real parents anyway.” My mom had to show me my birth certificate to prove their names were on it. Gotta love siblings!
My sister was blessed with an abundance of patience. She is now a special education teacher with an emphasis on Autism spectrum disorder.

My older brother, well how much do you have to explain about the prom king. He is a physical education teacher, coach and mentor (I used to fight with him the most, both of us being athletic we really battled!).

My younger brother is the mechanical one. An HVAC tech with a home that has 9 individual thermostats. An overall great guy and anyone who says different will have a meeting with my right hook.

Me?  In 1 word; Sarcasm. 2 words; Brutal honesty. Not everybody likes me, but everyone respects me.

I am a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, personal trainer and self defense instructor. I’m a daughter, an athlete, a sibling, a wife, a dog owner and so much more. My line of work has enabled me to meet all kinds of people from all over the world. And for this, I am grateful.

I’ve heard so many stories and learned so many lessons which I hope to impart on you.  This blog is all about the importance of being proactive about your own preventative healthcare.

I aim to guide you to a healthier, happier life.


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